The production of sanitary fittings and sanitary accessories follow the highest technical standards in consideration of all European requirements for the environment.

The manufacturing process follows the guidelines of the TÜV-certifications for the quality management standards EN ISO. Our products will be proved on their fulfillment of the national and international standards by external checkpoints. In Germany for example this work is done by the regional trade institution called LGA.

DIBL’ sanitary fittings will be checked at internal checkpoints during the whole manufacturing process. Before packing them, there is a 100% final checking. The technical functions and also the surface will be checked very careful once more. Only faultless products leave the manufacturing process. Because of this we grant our customers a 5-years warranty on our products on the condition, that there is a complaint in the technical function or in the surface basing on our manufacturing process as described in the DIBL’ warranty conditions.

We manufacture our products on the base of the modular construction principle
. For this reason we need a minimum of different spare parts and components at all DIBL' lines. The result is an easy, fast and long-dated supply of spare parts.


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