We take care for our environment and for the following generations!

The DIBL’ environment declaration:
For the maintenance and development of a healthful environment and society, DIBL’ respects the nature and also the human rights of safety and health. DIBL’ develops permanently better manufacturing processes and also technical progress on their products to minimize the pollution of the environment. We take care for the best comfort of our articles for the user, but always in consideration of saving the natural resources like water and energy.

The DIBL’ environment guideline:
- all materials for the manufacturing process should be ecologically beneficial
- saving natural resources like water and energy
- recycling before waste disposal

The DIBL’ environment protection management:
- use of recyclable materials for the manufactoring process
- use of recyclable materials for the packaging process
- participation at collective plans for recycling of packagings

Declaration to "REACH EU-Chemikalienrecht"
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